Showroom Collective

At Showroom Collective we believe revolutions start with a small spark, simple actions, minor changes, unassuming acts of revelry; revolution is in all of us. We have decided to break the wheels of the Fashion industry by giving the power back to the makers, the small designers, the every day creators.

WE want to change the rules, WE want to know who made our clothes, WE want to feel good for supporting the dreams of a mother/daughter duo, WE want to feel empowered in clothes that didn’t endanger the planet, WE want to reinvent luxury, WE want to say we were there when it all started and WE know YOU want it too, so join us and let’s start a hell of a fashion revolution.

Why sell with us

Our aim is to connect your products with shoppers around the world, at Showroom Collective you will find tools to make selling and shipping worldwide easy and secure. We have a dedicated team to create marketing, PR and social media featuring all our brands, giving you a new space to captivate new customers with your fantastic designs.

All our designers will have access to exclusive tutorials and articles with industry leaders to help you take your brand to the next level. Nothing good in life is free, or so the saying goes, but we made it our mission to offer competitive prices: joining Showroom Collective has no charge, there is only a 10% commission for each successful sale you make.


Andrea Holmqvist is a young fashion professional from Venezuela; after graduation she has worked for the online department of some of Britain’s leading luxury retailers including Harrods and Selfridges.

In all her years working for the fashion industry she discovered there was a gap for emerging design and no one offering the tools to help young designers develop their e-commerce potential, which is why she decided to start Showroom Collective, the home for independent fashion design.