When the new year rolls around it feels as if January will never come to an end. It is that month that drags on and on. However, this is the first time ever that January has flown by for me because of how busy my 2019 has already been but don’t worry if the start of the year felt about 10 years long for you, you’ve made it into February now! It is the month of love, otherwise known as the month of binging chocolate and Bridget Jones. In the spirit of love and how fast the last month went by for me I wanted to share with you my top three January favorites that have helped make 2019 my best year so far!

Move Your Frame

I always promise myself at the start of a new year that I’m going to work out more. Then I remember how much I hate running and that the gym makes me feel super anxious which then spirals into me putting off exercising for another whole 365 days. But then I found Move Your Frame. I’m a huge fan of dancing around my room to trashy pop tunes and occasionally stretching and yoga every so often and when I do this in my own little room I have fun and I forget that this can count as exercise. Frame offers so many amazing classes that you forget you’re working out because of how much fun you’re having. I was slightly hesitant to go to an exercise class in case I made a fool of myself or couldn’t keep up with the moves but the classes at frame are led by incredible instructors who let you take things slow if you need to and you don’t feel awkward or embarrassed if you do something out of time or get a move wrong because everyone is enjoying the class and focusing on themselves. I’ve been doing dance cardio and 80s aerobics at Frame which put me in such a good mindset that I can’t wait to go back each week. I even tried a more intense work out class called rebounding which was like doing aerobics on a mini trampoline, a form of exercise I had no idea existed until I found frame. So, if you’re like me and don’t do gyms or running – it is time to move your frame.


Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

One of Netflix’s latest releases truly does spark joy inside me and that is Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. A big, big lifestyle trend for this year has been decluttering living spaces and keeping it clean. You know the whole trying to be more mindful when you buy something and treating what you own with a little more respect rather than dumping your belongings all over the floor and any surface you can find (which I am guilty of). This is a lifestyle trend I am here for and have brought into my own living space, which surprised many people as I am a notorious hoarder and so damn messy. However, this urge to declutter and clean came after watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Marie is an organizing consultant from Japan and the show features her going to various homes in America and helps them create an organised and mess free living space. Marie has this beautiful positive energy about her and created the spark joy method. You hold up an item and think ‘does this spark joy?’ and if it does, you get to keep the item. Her tidying methods genuinely have changed people’s lives and help bring families and couples closer together. Her energy and enthusiasm towards tidying and how it can truly change your life is beautiful to watch on screen. The show is so wholesome and having a de-cluttered and finally clean room has honestly already made such positive change in my mindset and the way I view cleaning and my belongings.

The Secret

You’ve all seen Showroom Collectives Girl Power interview with Elizabeth Stiles by now. During the interview Elizabeth mentioned that she read The Secret which helped her with self-belief and manifesting her dreams into reality. When she spoke about The Secret I had recently started reading it and now I’ve finished it. The main subject within this book is the law of attraction and how we can manifest things into our life simply by thinking ‘I want this’. The more you think I want this to happen and this will happen, the things you want in your life will happen. If you think I don’t want all these things to happen, the things you don’t want in life will happen. I wasn’t sure if changing my ‘I don’t want this’ thoughts into ‘I want this’ thoughts would make a difference in my life but it actually has and it’s amazing how real the law of attraction is. A lot of things that are now happening within my life career wise and friendship wise because of reading the secret and focusing only what I want within my career and my friendships. As cliché as it sounds, anything can happen if you believe it can and I owe that to The Secret. I’d recommend this book to everyone I know, so if you’re looking for a new read and want to live your dreams, The Secret is the book for you.

That it’s for this week’s Showroom Stylist post, I hope you all have an amazing February- get ready for another Showroom Scope valentine’s day post next week!