Slipping into a bath full of bubbles with a face mask on after a long week is one of my favourite feelings. You can physically notice the stress and tension being lifted out of your body. Relaxing is a crucial part of self-care and probably the most talked about and practiced self-care ritual out there. There are endless blogs and quirky Instagram posts about face masks and bubble baths being crucial ingredients to one’s self-care regime. I do agree that pampering yourself and allowing yourself to relax is a great way to revive yourself, but there are so many other forms of self-care that aren’t spoken about as much. It could be the smallest mundane tasks, or the tiniest changes you make to your day or weekly routine, that can physically and mentally make you feel so much better because sometimes self-care is…

Allowing yourself to say no. I have such a hard time saying no to people. I hate letting people down and love helping people out, however, this has led me to doing things that cause me an excessive amount of stress. I need to remind myself that if I keep saying yes to things I don’t want to do I’m going to feel miserable at the end of the day. Being able to say no gives you the confidence to stand your ground and not let people take advantage of you. It’s always great to help others every so often but don’t overdo yourself either.

Going to the GP. Okay yeah, GPs aren’t always great. Sometimes you get that one doctor who is so bad you never want to come back. Being told that your back is sore or anything your worried about is caused by stress can be annoying. However, you might be lucky this time and get that gem of a GP who listens to your health concerns and gives decent and helpful solutions. If you’re concerned about any aspect of your health, a visit to the GP is completely valid, even if it feels like the smallest thing.

Complimenting yourself. As simple as it sounds, looking in the mirror and saying what you like about yourself today can give you so much more self-confidence and love towards yourself. We all have our flaws and constantly focusing on them gets sooo boring. You may not like your nose or have had a breakout but damn those eyes, the way your hair is looking today? Not only do self-compliments have to be focused towards your appearance. Growing up I was really socially-anxious and now I compliment myself on how much better I am at talking to people. Be proud of yourself and give yourself a compliment every so often at least.

Please let us know what your self-care tips are over at Showroom Collectives Instagram and I hope you’re feeling inspired to try some new self-care methods.

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